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Safer 3
Safer Kids, Safer Water, Safer Response
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Safer 3 provides a multi-layered approach to drowning prevention. Safer Water….Safer Kid’s….Safer Response are the three elements of the Safer 3 program.

Safer Water refers to the protection against an unauthorized entry to a pool or spa by a child that has little or no swimming skills. There are many types of protection available including barrier fencing with latching gates, alarms, door locks and pool covers.

Safer Kid’s involves both caretaker and the potential victim, the child. Constant adult supervision by one with swimming ability, swim skill attainment through on going lesson programs by qualified instructors, education of both parents and children as to proper behavior in and around the water are key components.

Safer Response is the preparation for the event of a drowning accident. Rescue techniques such as CPR and rescue breathing should be learned and reviewed, developing an action plan and having rescue equipment on hand are also important.

Everyone should be familiar with the 911 emergency phone number and a phone should be at poolside.

The Swim for Life Foundation is proud to partner with Finis inc. to promote the Safer 3 program. Together and with the hope of future sponsors we are developing a brochure and activity book for distribution to raise the awareness of the general public and to educate both parents and children as to the roles that they can play in this effort.

Fire Authority personnel and other groups are very excited to have a proactive campaign to bring to the schools and community events that they sponsor.

It is our sincerest wish to see this campaign bring a heightened awareness and greater understanding as to what we all can do to help prevent childhood drownings.

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